Smith Enterprise Is a US State Department, CCR, and NAFTA registered contractor,

Dun & Bradstreet Registered

SEI is a small business, woman owned, veteran operated.

SEI’s Focus

Shown above:
1. Latest versions of M14SE Crazy Horse SDM serving with 25 Infantry Division in Iraq.
2. Example of M14SE as recently delivered to 101st ABN (AASLT) Division in Iraq.
3. MK14 Mod SEI with M14DC Sound Suppressor, Mark 4 3.5-10X40 LR/T Scope, and Lightweight QD MIL STD 1913 Bipod.

SEI‘s Focus

As one of our core products, the combat-proven M14 rifle has experienced a real military renaissance in recent years. As these venerable, hard hitting weapons continue to prove decisive on the battlefield, so does their value to soldiers and Commanders alike. With many thousands of these reliable Warriors still in the inventory, unit leaders throughout our Armed Forces have come to SEI to refurbish this fine rifle into the thoroughly modern and capable weapon that is the M14SE Crazy Horse® and MK14 SEI. These Commanders have also quickly realized that our M14 conversion program is a highly cost-effective means to rapidly field an exceptionally accurate, versatile and thoroughly reliable precision weapon at minimal investment.

Many SEI M14 products are the key components found on the new USN and USAF issue MK14 Mod O rifles. Likewise, our legendary two types of M14 NSN scope mounts have been sold in the thousands to all Services and have seen extensive combat use worldwide.

Vortex Flash Eliminators –
the one and only

When most people think of SEI, they also associate our name as the home of the original Vortex Flash Eliminator. Never equaled and often copied, this revolutionary and patented design is rapidly gaining a strong following throughout the US and Canadian Armed forces. The Vortex is now standard issue with the Canadian Forces C-8 and C-9 weapons and will soon be standard issue for the new US M2E2 0.50 caliber heavy machinegun. The Vortex is now a standard catalog offering of Colt Canada. The Vortex has also been adopted by the US Army Second Infantry Division, the US Department of the Interior and the Department of Energy, to name but a few clients. Throughout 2006 and beyond, this list of of official end users will certainly grow.

Leupold Tactical Optics

LeupoldSEI is also a very special distributor of Leupold tactical products for the US Government. Our special relationship with Leupold allows us to offer pricing and customer service to official end users that simply cannot be met, let alone beat by our competition.


Lastly, our line of Direct Connect (DC) sound suppressors are designed to meet the specific needs of the US Armed Forces and those of our Allies. Our re-buildable suppressors are virtually indestructible and are specifically designed for the rigors of modern ground combat. The Smith Enterprise, Incorporated-marked line of suppressors are available to the US Government, Law Enforcement entities and through Foreign Military sales (FMS) programs. SEI-marked suppressors are now available on the civilian Class III market. Please contact Smith Enterprise directly (480) 964-181 with your FFL and SOT and we can get the process started.

Looking ahead

The coming months will see a number of other exciting SEI innovations to support our Warriors, to include the rebirth of our famous M14K and an even more expanded line of Vortex flash suppressors. Visit our site often and remember that we welcome your comments and suggestions. We thank you for your continued support of our firm, and most importantly – to our Republic in her hour of need.


...a PDF file that describes the rationale and details
of SEI's M14-based weapons systems