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SEI is a small business, woman owned, veteran operated.

Maintenance Tips

Scope Rings

SEI recommends that the rings be torqued to 15 in./lbs.


M14 extended bolt stop installation

Removing a roll pin, option 1

Situation: all the roll pins have been in those M-14s for about 30 years and may be rusted into place.

  1. Start by squirting some Kano Kroil on and into the roll pin. Let it stand for 30 minutes to an hour. Sometimes this helps break the rust loose when trying to drive out the roll pin. Contact, 615-833-4101, or visit
  2. Place the receiver in a vice, muzzle end up. Using a high grade 1/16” Starrett pin punch, place the punch on the edge of the roll pin (so it does not slip driectly into the hole of the pin) and start to tap it out. You will only be able to move the roll pin about 1/32” or less – this is just to help break the roll pin loose.
  3. Modify a 3/32” pin punch to further dislodge the pin.
    1. Grind a flat on the punch, taking it down to the OD of the pin punch, and grind a flat on the pin (3/32” is OK). Note that the roll pin hole in the receiver is .094” ID and a Starrett 3/32” is smaller at .0930”
    2. See if the modified punch can be put into the roll pin hole and tapped further. Do this with caution until the pin punch stops. Because it is now stuck, you will have to remove the punch without breaking the receiver. You may have to place the punch into the vise and tap the receiver until you free the punch.
    3. Look to see if you have moved the roll pin out far enough to grab it with a vise, about 1/4” or so.
    4. With the receiver on its side and the roll pin extending down, grab the pin in the vise, tightening the jaws until the pin is flattened.
    5. Using a brass hammer or hard-faced mallet, hit the back end of the receiver until the roll pin comes out.

You will need a new roll pin and we always belt sand the OD of the new roll pin down on about 3/4 of the length of the pin, so as to make just a slip fit. The rest of the unground pin will hold the bolt stop without a problem. Always lube the pin before installing.

Removing a roll pin, option 2

Sometimes option 1 (shown above) will not work for whatever reason, so we do the following:

  1. Obtain the following items, which can be found at J&L Industrial Supply, 800-521-9520, catalog Volume 75, pages 1722W, 1723W:
    • FORDOM flexible shaft tool kit, order no. FDM-02274E with 1/8” arbors, order no. FDM-39060M M6
    • DREMEL (36 to the pack) 15/16” dia. cut-off wheels, order no. DRM-00409J or DREMEL P/N 409.
  2. Cut the roll pin:
    1. Using the tools listed above, mount the cut-off wheel to the arbor, and the arbor into the hand piece chuck.
    2. Push the standard bolt stop in the rear direction of the receiver as far as it will go. This exposes some of the roll pin.
    3. Cut through the pin, taking care not to touch the receiver with the cut-off wheel, if possible. Do not worry about cutting the old bolt stop.
    4. Go to the other side and repeat this process if needed.

Once you have the old bolt stop out of the way, it is usually a simple matter to get the remaining pins out from both sides without breaking the receiver.