Smith Enterprise Is a US State Department, CCR, and NAFTA registered contractor,

Dun & Bradstreet Registered

SEI is a small business, woman owned, veteran operated.

About SEI

For over 40 years, Smith Enterprise, Inc. (SEI) has provided high caliber material support to the Armed Forces of the United States and to our allies.

We also strive to maintain a close working relationship with our individual customers for our custom services and products.

During the early years of the company, major products included cathode ray tubes and high frequency collectors for radar systems for companies such as Litton Industries, ITT, Varian Associates, Varo and Hewlett Packard. Ron Smith is a fourth generation master machinist and Ordnance repair expert. Sonja Sommers, the primary owner of SEI, owns the patent on the Vortex® Flash Eliminator provided to the Navy.

Today, SEI manages several major contracts that provide a range of products to many federal, military, and civilian agencies:

  • 10th Special Forces Group Fort Carson, CO
  • 25th Infantry Division, Fort Shafter, HI
  • 2nd Infantry Division, Seoul, Korea
  • US Navy USS Mahan (DDG72)
  • Dwyer Hill Training Center NAVSEA Special Forces Canada
  • Department of Energy – Office of Transportation and Safeguards

We offer a wide range of products that includes:

  • Vortex Flash Eliminators
  • M-21 A5 Counter IED retrofits for M14 rifles
  • Sound suppressors and scope mounts for M14 and M16
  • Scope rings for M14 and M16
  • Repair parts for small arms
  • Red Arrow I and II bipod forward grips
  • TriRail forward bracket
  • TriRail system for M14

Accolades are not new to SEI – although most come in the form of letters or emails, one of the most memorable is a 5 inch shell presented by the Captain of the USS Mahan, in appreciation for building an order of Crazy Horse M-14/M21A5 rifles in only 3 days, with next day delivery, just in time for the ship's next deployment. It is performance like this that earns SEI rave reviews for the quality of our products and service to our customers.

It has been our family tradition to serve the Federal Government. Ron Smith’s great grandfather began serving the Federal Government in the early 1900’s. Decades ago, SEI produced major components for Model ANS PVS-5 night vision goggles. Today, we support the Federal Government and also sell commercially to Colt Canada, Brownells, Fulton Armory, Cabela’s, and RemSport Manufacturing.

Through it all, SEI has provided high quality small arms repair and supplies to law enforcement and military. We are proud to tout that SEI produces quality products that meet the Buy American Act specifications. Other competitors cannot make this claim.

Commanders and logistics personnel have turned to SEI for refurbishment, night vision goggles, and critically vital elements to the military like our patented Vortex Flash Eliminator. Federal commanders rely upon SEI and seek us out for innovative weapons materials that make our soldiers safer and more effective.

No one in the industry can touch our track record with the Armed Forces for quality, pricing, innovation, and rapid turnaround. With our nation engaged in a global war on terror, Smith Enterprise, Inc. is now principally structured to meet these wartime demands and those of our Allies.