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March 2011 Special Weapons magazine highlights the SEI Crazy Horse.
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Crazy Horse
February 2011 Smith Enterprise Receives Contract from Special Operations Command for .50 Cal. Vortex┬« Flash Eliminator .50 Cal. Vortex┬« Flash Suppressor declared number one flash suppressor on the market. Click here to view document.
January 2011 75th Ranger Regiment orders Vortex Flash Eliminators, p/n #1001V.
November 2010 In 2002, Picatinny Arsenal drafted a flash hider evaluation that includes an early Vortex design, refuting a Pentagon representative's comments about the quality of the Vortex flash hider. You decide, and remember, our current Vortex design is even better! Click here to view document.
November 2010 Smith & Wesson contracts with SEI for Vortex Flash Eliminators, p/n #1001V.
October 2010 SEI awarded 5 year contract by the Crane Division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center, for the Vortex .50 Cal M2HB Quick-Disconnect Flash Eliminator, p/n #6021V, NSN 1005-01-588-9516.
October 2010 The Army National Guard contracts with SEI to build M14 Crazy Horse rifles.
16 November 2009 We report, you decide: the Smith Enterprise Vortex Flash Eliminator on the M240 machine gun – night aerial gunnery
If it the Vortex was good enough to steal, then way isn't the military getting these from us? The solider is coming out on the short end as usual.
29 June 2009 Canada issues trade-mark to Smith Enterprise for Vortex® Flash Eliminator.
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29 April 2009 SEI Crazy Horse featured in Special Weapons magazine.

Vortex vs. ARDEC face off A side by side comparison photo of two FN M240 machine guns, one with an SEI Vortex Flash Eliminator and the ARDEC copy.

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29 April 2009 Rebuttal to the United States Army press release about the SEI Vortex® brand flash hider patent infringement settlement
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15 January 2009 United States Army and SEI settle on Vortex® brand flash hider patent infringement
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April 2008 Mike McElfish is collecting donations to purchase Vortex® Flash Suppressors that he sends to our troops for free!
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Uncle Mike Wants You
  Fox News Dallas and Tampa Bay reports on the Vortex Flash Eliminator

October 2007 M14DC California Compensator are now available.
Picture courtesy of Stuart Provine, California.
cal comp
August 2007 M2HB .50 cal. Quick-Disconnect Vortex during field testing.
March 2007 SEI makes first deliveries to the US Army of the M14SE Crazy Horse® SDM that includes our new M80HT metallurgy and our just-introduced PVS-22 Cantilever Mount.
Feb 2007 US Government and Law Enforcement Work Orders – Smith Enterprise, Incorporated (SEI) announces in collaboration with Springfield Armory, Incorporated (SAI), effective 02 February 2006, that all US Government and Law Enforcement shop work requests to Springfield Armory, Incorporated pertaining to US Government or LE-owned USGI M14 rifles will be referred to Smith Enterprise, Incorporated. Official end users of the M14 rifle are also encouraged to contact SEI, directly.
Jan 2007 Effective 15 January 2007, Smith Enterprise, Inc. begins manufacturing certain key components under a highly advanced and extremely proprietary metallurgical process. This new development is being made available after a five-year in-house developmental cycle.
Nov 2006 M14DC Sound Suppressor is now Safety Certified by Crane NSWC.
20 Oct 2006 The M14DC Sound Suppressor is issued NSN 1005-LLL-997965 by the US Navy. The M14DC is now serving with the US Army, Navy and US Air Force.
24 Sept 2006 SEI announces production of a much improved, modernized wire EDM M14 rear sight assembly in standard and NM configurations. Available Fall 2006.
22 Sept 2006 SEI fields the M14 UNS™ (PVS-22) Scope Mount Assembly (NSN - TBA). Product details
30 June 2006 M14SEs for US Army SEI completes another production run of M14SE Crazy Horse Squad Designated Marksman (SDM) for the US Army. This latest version included the Krieger USMC DMR profile barrel, our new Tri Rail MIL STD 1913 system, our new MIL STD 1913 QD Bipod, the new Leupold Mark 4 3.5-10X40 M2 Illum TMR Dark Earth scope and an advanced version of the M14DC suppressor.
30 Nov 2005 SEI receives National Stock Numbers (NSN) for all five tactical scope ring types and their new ACOG/MIL STD 1913 M14 Scope Mount Assembly.
04 Nov 2005 SEI M4/M16 Carry Handle MIL STD 1913/STANAG Scope Mount (P/N 1037) granted NSN 1005-01-534-8696 by Defense Supply Center Columbus.
28 Sep 2005 SEI Awarded Contract by 101st Airborne (AASLT) to supply deploying units with SEI M14 Wire EDM Scope Mount, P/N 2006, SEI 30mm HD Rings (P/N 7002) and Leupold Mark 4 3.5-10X40mm M3 Tactical Milling Reticle (TMR) Scope (P/N 60015). This is the first major military fielding of a TMR reticle-equipped scope.
28 Sep 2005 SEI Completes concludes final contract with 2ID. SEI completes delivery of last components for the M14SE "Crazy Horse Squad Designated Marksman (SDM) built for the Division's recent deployment to Iraq. SEI build 110 suppressed M14SE systems for 2ID in this contract.
28 Sep 2005 SEI M14 Extended MIL STD 1913 Scope Mount (P/N 2008) granted NSN 1005-01-533-8160 by Defense Supply Center Columbus.
12 Sep 2005 SEI Awarded Five Year contract by US Department of Energy (DOE) to supply Leupold Mark 4 1-3X14 CQ/T Illuminated Circle Dot scopes (P/N 52155).
15 June 2005 SEI begins delivery to Colt Canada of Vortex G6A2C Flash Eliminator (P/N 1001V).