Smith Enterprise Is a US State Department, CCR, and NAFTA registered contractor,

Dun & Bradstreet Registered

SEI is a small business, woman owned, veteran operated.

Government, Law Enforcement and Foreign Military Sales

Small Business Certification

Our firm is an "8A", small and disadvantaged business that is woman owned, Native American and Veteran operated. We are DUNS, CCR and US Department of State certified. Our CAGE Code is 3A5E1.

Government Pricing

Since our official end-user pricing will often differ from the the retail pricing listed on this website, acquisition personnel should contact us through official channels for the most up to date price based on the quantities required.

Production and Availability

Often times, certain items may be in short supply, which requires considerable effort to build up on-hand quantities. This is often exacerbated by fulfilling unforecasted unit Urgent Need Statement (UNS)-driven purchases. Put another way, we would strongly ask that unit Commanders, logisticians and force modernization/force integration personnel consult with SEI on their material needs at the earliest possible moment. We will give you an honest and candid assessment on both materiel availability, pricing and most importantly on helping you to define your requirements.

Defining User Requirements

Defining requirements may be a touchy issue with some personnel . We fully understand and accept that notion. However, it has been our experience that often times units and agencies aren't exactly sure how their precise tactical requirements translate into specifications. In other words, some organizations aren't exactly sure what to order. Defining requirements and understanding technologies isn't taught at the Advanced Course or at Command and General Staff College, or for that matter, the War College. This problem exists at all levels: from material/force developers at the service level, down to the grunt level. We know -- we've worn all those boots -- we're all old soldiers here.

M14 Training

To address the lack of formalized instruction on maintaining and optimizing the M14 rifle for combat, Smith Enterprise, Inc. now offers unit training, either at our Tempe, Arizona location or at the unit. We have recently begun providing this intensive two day course for unit armorer's, Direct Support (DS) and General Support (GS) personnel. Originally developed and taught to the US Air Force, this instruction is now available to all Services, as well as to to Law Enforcement. All aspects of M14 maintenance and militarily-relevant modifications are covered by this comprehensive course. Each block of instruction is limited to 12 students. Instruction includes live fire. Contact SEI for details.

Loyalty to the Taxpayer

What we'll promise you is that we'll be attentive to your mission needs and equally attentive to the needs of the taxpayer -- that's you and me, in case anyone forgets. Yes, most companies won't want to highlight that last point. That is where Smith Enterprise, Inc is different: we care about the taxpayer and will be darn sure your organization pays a fair price and nothing more. Equally important, we won't try to sell your unit or agency on a product or service that your really don't need. If there is a key to our success, that is it.


Official End Users should contact SEI at the earliest possible moment they perceive a material requirement.

Military/U.S.G./F.M.S. customers, please include full Point of Contact information:
• Name
• Unit/Organization
• Phone
• Email address from your official domain, eg, .gov,, etc.

Contact: Ron Smith, Federal Support Coordinator
Tel. (480) 964-1818
Fax. (480) 921-9987

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Tel. (480) 964-1818
Fax. (480) 921-9987