Rifle Services

Government, Military, and Law Enforcement: Please contact SEI directly through official channels for pricing quotations and availability. We will also honestly and objectively advise you on what best meets your mission requirements. Likewise, we are especially keen on user feed back and are always open to new ideas on product improvements and new product development – especially from the shooter perspective.

Leupold Optics

Photo courtesy of Leupold & Stevens,
Military/Law Enforcement Division,
Cameron Grantham

SEI is a trusted military and government distributor for Leupold optical products. Our customer service and extremely fast delivery times to anywhere on the planet is second to none. More than just market tactical optics, we know best how to integrate them onto the weapons we build and how best to employ these optical systems. Put another way, we won't let our customers buy the wrong optical instrument.

Our special USG pricing structure does not readily support civilian retail sales as we primarily support the US Armed Forces. Retail sales can however, be supported on a case-by-case basis as products are available. Call for availability and pricing. While all Leupold optical products are available to USG, State and Local entities as well as through Foreign Military Sales, we have focused our offerings on the below listed scopes, which have consistently proven themselves effective during the rigors of combat.

For detailed information on the complete Leupold product line, visit www.leupold.com.

Commanders or their representatives should contact SEI through official channels for quantity quotations and delivery schedules.

For information about co-witnessing these scopes with the PVS-22 mounted on the Sage International EBR chassis system, click here.