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Government, Military, and Law Enforcement: Please contact SEI directly through official channels for pricing quotations and availability. We will also honestly and objectively advise you on what best meets your mission requirements. Likewise, we are especially keen on user feed back and are always open to new ideas on product improvements and new product development – especially from the shooter perspective.

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Due to our refocused corporate business model to support wartime requirements, work on the M1 Garand has unfortunately taken a back seat for the forseeable future. It is our sincerest hope that in more tranquil times, that we can devote more work to one of our favorite rifles.

As time is available, we will work on customer M1 Garand rifles. Please contact us directly for your specific M1 Garand needs, be they repair parts or custom work. We will do our best to accommodate your requirements with an accurate assessment as to how we can best satisfy your needs consistent with ongoing defense work.

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3004 M1 Garand M1 Garand Front Sight
International Harvester type, fits, H&R, Springfield Armory, Winchester, etc. Wide protector ears help to center front sight faster in the rear aperture. Made from 4140 chrome-moly bar stock, steel wire EDM. Overall height .720” to .725” . Blade thickness same as old USGI type (.078” to .080”). MIL-STD 171 phosphate black finish.

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3001 M1 Garand National Match Front Sight, .062 wide
4140 CM steel, wire electro discharge machine (EDM) manufactured.
  2062 M14,
M1 Garand
Standard USGI Rear Sight Aperture $40.00

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3002 M1 Garand Good Iron M1 Garand Brake
Back by popular demand. Heat treated 8620 steel. Not for use with SEI M14DC Sound Suppressor.

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  6000 M1 Garand M1 Garand 4.5 Pound Sniper Trigger Conversion

Note: this is work is performed only on a trigger assembly that is supplied by the customer.

Requires customer-supplied, unmodified USGI M1 Garand trigger assembly. Same components and process used in new M14SE Crazy Horse US Army sniper systems. Includes new SEI S-7 tool steel heat treated trigger and hammer axis pins and the SEI Crazy Horse chrome silicon hammer spring. Includes parkerizing. The hammer, trigger and silicon spring were all developed here at SEI./td>

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3003 M1 Garand M1 Garand Trigger Group parts kit
Pins are S7 tool Steel, Heat treated 58 HRC and spring is silicon-chrome for lighter trigger pull. Best used in conjunction with SEI Trigger Group Upgrade to to customer–supplied trigger assembly. Mid-Range and Max-Pak , call for more information.

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M1 Garand
USGI Safety
NOS USGI Safety. SA or ROBER-HT markings. Comes As Is, No Returns/Refunds.