Rifle Services

Government, Military, and Law Enforcement: Please contact SEI directly through official channels for pricing quotations and availability. We will also honestly and objectively advise you on what best meets your mission requirements. Likewise, we are especially keen on user feed back and are always open to new ideas on product improvements and new product development – especially from the shooter perspective.


US Army (2ID) M-14SE
Fig. 1. Smith Enterprise, Inc. US Army (2ID) issue M-14SE with standard Leupold Mark 4 3.5-10X40 LR/T M3 Telescopic Sight.

Our strategic intent with this project has been to offer current M-14 users a thoroughly reliable, proven and cost-effective modernization program as a compelling, cost-effective and fast track course of action for a modern 7.62mm NATO caliber Squad Designated Marksman (SDM). Our customers have proven in combat that the M14SE will fulfill this same tactical mission as a new production 7.62mm NATO SDM would be required to accomplish at one-third to one-half the price.

Precision rifle enthusiasts and official-end users have long been aware of Smith Enterprise’s established expertise in the area of the M-14 rifle. Since our incorporation in the early 1980s, we have successfully addressed all the documented shortcomings of the original M-14, M-21 and M-25 designs. To that end we have established a very successful business incorporating these product-improvements in customer-supplied M-14 rifles to exceed standards far beyond the original M-14 and M-21 design parameters, in all areas of functionality, accuracy and reliability.

During that time we have rebuilt numerous M-14s for various USG users, to include all branches of the US Armed Forces, the Department of the Interior and various law enforcement agencies. With the renaissance that the M-14 is now enjoying in the Armed Forces, it is no wonder that American military units now involved in the Global War or Terrorism have adopted many of our combat-proven M14 components. Additionally, we have also produced weapons based on our own billet bar stock M-14 standard, single-lugged and double-lugged match-grade receivers, which to this day have remained the industry standard.

Collectively, our modernization effort is known as the M-14SE “Crazy Horse” Semiautomatic Sniper System.

M-14SE “Crazy Horse” Program Highlights (standard configuration)

  • Medium Heavy Barrel, 22.0” (P/N 2025) or optional 18.0” (P/N 9345-MK14) length, Chrome Moly 4140, 1:10 ROT, Four lands and grooves, right hand twist, chambered for M118LR Special Ball ammunition.
  • SEI Gas Cylinder Modification Program, unitizing gas system, Meloniting (AMS 2753) gas system to include gas plug, lock and front band with new 440 SS hard chrome piston.
  • SEI M-14 Scope Mount and Ring Package. Scope Mount, NSN 5855-01-506-5750, (P/N 2006), melonited heat-treated to AMS 2753, 4140 Chrome Moly and our 4140 Chrome Moly CNC machined 30mm Heavy Duty (HD) Tactical Tall M1913 Picatinny ring set, P/N 7018.
  • SEI Strap-On Check Pad in either black or desert camouflage, Cordura with PVC inserts (P/N 2020).
  • SEI Direct Connect Vortex® Sound Suppressor-capable Flash Suppressor, 8620 steel heat treated for High Wear (P/N 2000V).
  • Gas Lock Front Sight - Hooded (GLFS-H), or GLFS-Dovetail (GLFS-D).
  • SEI Extended Bolt Stop (EBS) (P/N 2010)
  • SEI standard, 4.5 pound tuned trigger assembly with oversized SEI S-7 tool steel triggers and hammer pins.
  • Redesigned SEI hammer and trigger springs for extreme long life.
  • Redesigned tool steel connector link pin for positive sustained and secure magazine changes.
  • Weapon finished in black phosphate, per appropriate MIL SPEC. Other finishes upon request.
  • Weapon is normally supplied with excellent-to-new condition SEI-modified USGI synthetic stock. Other stock configurations at extra cost and upon request.
  • M-1907 sniper/target sling in either leather or synthetic material.
  • Deep thermal cycling.

Options for the M-14SE “Crazy Horse” SDM include the following:

  • 18.0” medium heavy “Crazy Horse” barrel, chrome moly, 1:10 ROT, Four lands and grooves, chambered for M118LR Special ball ammunition (P/N 9345-MK14) (no extra charge for 18” bbl).
  • SEI Extended MIL STD 1913 Scope Mount (P/N 2008), NSN 1005-01-533-8160.
  • SEI ACOG/MIL STD 1913 Scope Mount (P/N 2005), NSN 1005-01-535-4430.
  • Quick disconnecting SEI M-14 DC Wind Talker™ Sound Suppressor (only available to USG and FMS customers) (P/N 0001AK).
  • Full range of Leupold Mark 4 optics.
  • Installation of MIL STD 1913 rail to USGI stock for QD bipod or IR laser pointer.
  • SEI Tri-Rail MIL STD 1913 System (P/N TBD)
  • Sage Int’l modular collapsing stock (Mark 14 SEI configuration) (P/N M14ALCS).
  • Angle Cosine Indicator (ACI) and mount.
  • M14DC Wind Talker Suppressor and Tool Carrier (P/N 3005).
  • SEI Cylinder Wrench, Gas Lock Front Sight, (P/N 3017).
  • Tritium Close Combat (Front) Sight (TCCS) (P/N 2019).
  • Numerous tactical fixed stock configurations.