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From: "Weiser, Douglas J MSG MIL USA USARPAC"
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Subject: FW: Re: AAR on the Flash hiders (UNCLASSIFIED)

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I recently used 240B and M2 "Flash Hiders" that are manufactured by Smith Enterprise for live fire exercises. I have no negative comments about either Flash Hider. They both performed well above my expectations.

My main concern was to see if there was any visible flash when fired at night and I am pleased to report there was none to the naked eye and very minimal with Night Vision Devices (NVD). Neither pieces of equipment interfered with the function of the machine guns. I initially had some concern with the M2 .50 Cal and the timing issue; (In layman's terms the gun can be touchy) but there were no timing issues at all. The Flash hider never interfered with the functioning of the machine gun at all.

The 240 flash hider performed equally well; it never interfered with the cycling/function of the machine gun. We fired several thousand rounds in varying temperature and weather conditions; to include rain and snow. (Snow in September? Yes it is Alaska.) When I say several thousand rounds I mean several thousand rounds I will not give an exact amount; but it was money well spent on my Paratroopers.

I had my Battalion Commander and Battalion CSM on the ground one night to observe training and they were thoroughly impressed with the performance and results they observed. They have contacted our higher Headquarters and submitted good reviews up the Chain of Command about your product. I would like to personally thank your organization for letting us use these fine products I am certain they will help save lives.


FT. Richardson, AK