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Government, Military, and Law Enforcement: Please contact SEI directly through official channels for pricing quotations and availability. We will also honestly and objectively advise you on what best meets your mission requirements. Likewise, we are especially keen on user feed back and are always open to new ideas on product improvements and new product development – especially from the shooter perspective.

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As specialists in the area of M14 rifle developement and retrofit, Smith Enterprise, Inc. (SEI) has provided material support to the US Armed Forces for over 40 years, as well as Law Enforcement and civilian areas, offering a wide variety of products and services including:

  • Innovative products and parts, including the Vortex® Flash Suppressor and Wind Talker™ quick-detach sound supressors*
  • Custom rifle conversions, repair, accurizing, builds, trigger jobs, and repair specializing in the M14/M1A rifle platform, as well as the M4/M16/AR family and M1 Garand
  • Crazy Horse M-21 A5 Counter IED retrofits for M14 rifles
  • Parts and tools for other small arms, Red Arrow forward grip bipods, TriRail forward bracket, and the TriRail system for M14.
  • Design, machining, and manufacturing for government and commercial applications
  • Retail customers welcome and appreciated

Please Note: If send us something to be worked on, be sure to include a phone number and other contact information, so we can immediately clarify any questions we may have about your work order. If we cannot contact you, your order will not be completed.

Pueblo & Crazy Horse Wind Talker Sound Suppressors Vortex Flash Suppressors Good Iron Muzzle Brakes
Scope Rings Leupold Optics Mounts & Rails Complete Weapons & Services

Smith Enterprise is a US Government listed manufacturer,
contract number GS-07F-0144X.
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Rock River Arms



* Sound suppressors are available to LE, Military, and Class II/III license holders only

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