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    By popular request – the SEI "Warfighter" Gas System!

    The next evolution of the Vortex™: G6A4!

    SEI M14 barstock receivers: combat strength, heirloom-quality

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  • Our best selling Good Iron Muzzle Brake, in stainless steel –
    Limited run – email or call us to reserve yours!

  • New and improved M14 Gas Piston – superior design, materials, and finish for the 21st century

  • Wind Talker™ Sound Supressors are available to Law Enforcement, Military, and Class II/III license holders

  • Custom rifle builds for civilian customers welcome and appreciated!
    Call us to discuss your requirements

  • Over 40 years of Innovation, Accuracy, and Reliability for Industry, Military, Law Enforcement, and Civilian Applications

Pueblo & Crazy Horse Wind Talker Sound Suppressors Vortex Flash Suppressors Good Iron Muzzle Brakes
Scope Rings Leupold Optics Mounts & Rails Complete Weapons & Services

WE DO NOT SELL TRIGGER GROUPS, we only perform trigger work. If you would like a trigger job, please send your supplied group in to the shop for us to perform the work.

  • Custom rifle conversions, builds, and repairs, specializing with the M14 rifle platform
  • Innovative products and parts, including the Vortex® Flash Suppressor and Wind Talker™ quick detach sound supressors (available to LE, Military, and Class II/III license holders)
  • Complete systems and renovations, featuring the M21 A5 Crazy Horse®, MK14 Mod O type SEI, and EBR,EMR, and DMR systems
  • Design, machining, and manufacturing for government and commercial applications
  • Retail customers welcome and appreciated

Smith Enterprise is a US Government listed manufacturer,
contract number GS-07F-0144X

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